Inktra Transfer Papers (Inkjet and Laser)

CAD-COLOR® InkTra® Transfer Papers

We have transfer papers for fabric and for hard surfaces (waterslide). 

1.  Heat Transfer Papers

The heat transfer papers are used to print your own transfer images with a regular inkjet printer and then transfer your image with an iron or a heat press. 

We offer 3 different kinds:

- InkTra for light coloured fabrics

- InkTra Opaque for dark coloured fabrics

- InkTra Stretch

The following video demonstrates the application instructions for these 3 types of papers. 

Please note that these types of print do not have the same quality as a custom print on HTV also available on our website.

2. Inktra ExactPrint for Laser Printers and Photocopiers

This transfer paper can be used to print your images with a laser printer or photocopier that uses fuser oils.  Not recommended for use with HP or Dell brand laser printers.

3.  Waterslide Transfer Paper

These papers are used to decorate hard surfaces.  The image is transferred with the use of water.

Please consult the application instructions sheet under each product.